Come with your own idea

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Idea of youth participation has led to workshops “Come with your own idea”, where young people have the opportunity to write projects and implement various ideas both individually and in groups. Young people who are involved in the such kind of workshop admitted that workshops have given them opportunity to learn, gain new experiences and make friends. Participating in Making my future project has awoke the want to create new projects for some of the participants.

“I got involved because I wanted to try something new, there is not always such an opportunity in life. In addition, I couldn’t think of anything better how  to spend my free time” says the participant Dairis.two youngsters talking to a camera

“I have the opportunity to learn from my own mistakes and those of others. I have met people whose life stories are similar to mine. It has brought us closer and we have become friends  ”adds Dairis. He says that he visits the workshops every time his free time appears. Dairis has been participating in workshops for about a year.

screen with a conference slide“I like workshops because I feel like in a home. I really like the people who work there – both young and old mentors. These are people you can always talk to, meet, ask for advice and get support in difficult situations. I would say these are the people who have helped raise me. My second parents. ” The girl says that during these five years she sees significant changes in herself and her personality. “I am no longer the same person I used to be. But, of course, I know that you have to continue to grow and develop, you have to work with yourself” says Milena.

Milena Stafecka, particiant of Making my future