Representatives of 19 Dutch cities and higher education institutions on a study visit in Tampere

Altogether 42 representatives of Dutch higher education institutions, city councils and the Dutch Ministry of Education visited Tampere Universities community on Wednesday 22 January to learn about collaboration between the city of Tampere and its higher education community.

 The visit to Tampere is part of a study trip to Finland organised within a programme called City Deal on Education organised by the Dutch central government. The aim of the programme is the implementation of the Urban Agenda, which is aimed at enhancing the capacity for growth and innovation as well as the quality of life in cities with participation of higher education institutions and business sector, to increase the competitiveness and growth potential of the Dutch urban network.

The focus of the day is on city-university collaboration, innovation activities and campus development. Vice President, Education, Marja Sutela from Tampere University and Vice President, RDI, Kirsi Viskari from Tampere University of Applied Sciences opened the day with a presentation on the young and unique university community and the close city-university community collaboration, followed by a presentation on the innovation ecosystem and activities given by Innovation Director Taru Pilvi and Y-Campus Coach Tiina Koskiranta and a presentation on campus development given Satu Hyökki, Director, Campus Development. In round-table discussions, the Dutch delegation members learned e.g. about the AIKO project on international students and talent attraction, the KEHYS project on creating next generation health (and wellbeing) centres, the ECIU university, a European University initiative in which Tampere University is involved and an early childhood education pilot project with the City of Tampere run by Tampere University of Applied Sciences. 

 “Something that stood out to me today was (next to the extensive and interesting programme) was the fact that every speaker expressed herself so proudly! That says something about the positive vibe in Tampere, which I also felt.”, comments Marjolein Rojo, the City Deal on Education manager for the cities of Breda and Den Bosch. Frederiek Mulder from the Ministry of Education in the Netherands is surprised to see so many ladies as speakers and in important positions in the university, which is a big plus and different to the Netherlands.


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