Tampere University active in applying for EU project funding

The University is among the biggest beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 in Finland and seeks to strengthen its efforts in seeking project funding together with its partners.

Tampere University has been involved in 123 Horizon 2020 projects since 2014, including Marie Sklodowska Curie actions and European Research Council grantsTampere University is  among the biggest beneficiaries of the Horizon 2020 in Finland. Within the Erasmus+ programme, the University has participated in more than 20 project proposals since the beginning of 2020.

According to its renewed strategy for 2030 titled Human Potential Unlimited, the university seeks to diversify its research funding base and make a special effort to secure more EU funding. We will improve the quality of grant proposals and actively seek the role of coordinator in collaborative projects. The strategy highlights working together with our partners to build a sustainable world and to develop solutions to tackle climate change, preserve the natural environment and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies. The supporting Action Plan for Internationalisation defines concreate measures for set targets.

The international university networks play an important role in finding partnerships and topics for projects. In line with our renewed strategy, we will tap into the opportunities offered by international university networks to expand our research networks and develop teaching. The university is currently a member of 16 international university networks. The aim is to assume an even more active role in selected university networks than before.


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