Tampere University to lead a Finnish and Southern African Higher Education Institutions Network for Health and Well-being

The Ministry of Education and Culture has introduced a new internationalisation programme within its core funding for Finnish higher education institutions during the period 2021 – 2024. The programme is part of the strategic funding, part B: national education and science policy aims.  Within the programme, the Ministry has appointed Tampere University to lead a network of altogether 9 universities and 15 universities of applied sciences. The Finnish network is to collaborate with Southern African higher education institutions in the broad fields of health and well-being on the basis of the Southern African-Nordic Centre. In addition to Tampere University, three other Finnish universities are members of the Southern African-Nordic Centre, a network comprising 50 member universities, 21 in the Nordic countries and 29 in Southern Africa. The network aims at combining forces of Finnish higher education institutions operating in the fields of health and well-being to collaborate with higher education institutions, research institutes and other stakeholders in Southern Africa for increased impact, quality and productivity.


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