About the blog

Welcome to Proakatemia's first English entrepreneurship degree students' blog!

Studying team leadership & entrepreneurship in English is a new chapter in Proakatemia’s history, and our team is very excited about it. In this blog, you will find updates about our program, class posts, and essays written by members of 20ENTRE.

During the next 3,5 years, our team will learn to become entrepreneurs through the process of opening a business together. In the program, we start our studies directly at the Proakatemia premises, and all of our classes are taught in English. Being at ‘aksu’ makes it easier to familiarise ourselves with the facility and meet many of the coaches and older students who study here as well. Compared to the Finnish degree students, our team has fewer than 20 members to start with, which helps us improve our connection and get to know each other  before starting our business in January 2021. The different structure of this program is unprecedented, and we are hoping to pave the path for a new era of Proakatemia students.