By Bharat Karki

Humans and natural resources have had a long-standing relationship. People relied on forest fruits and wild animal hunting to survive during the historical period. As a result of the development of conscience, people had to rely on natural resources for food, clothing, and other materials throughout the Stone Age, animal husbandry, the agricultural age, and the industrial age.

Fig.1 Ukraine History, Grade 7

People formed groups to hunt wild animals and eat raw meat, and after discovering that meat burnt in the fire was tasty, they began eating it after burning it. They began lighting the fire with firewood. When stone weapons became ineffective, Stone Age people learned to make sharp metal weapons as a substitute. The practice of making wooden and metal utensils for cooking and storing other materials gradually increased after the end of the Stone Age. Looking back in time, it appears that the human population is becoming more reliant on natural resources.



In the same way, in the age of animal husbandry, people rely on natural resources to make grass, forest houses, and so on. People are becoming more reliant on natural resources even after they have reached the agricultural era. Water, soil, and metal natural resources have been used to make irrigation, fertilizer, weeding, and agricultural tools for agricultural crops. Even in the modern industrial age, people must rely on natural resources to meet their needs, such as food, fuel, forest, soil, solar light, and so on; as a result, environmental pollution is increasing due to overuse of natural resources.


Interrelationship Foundations:



  1. Humans’ primary source of food: Humans’ primary need is food. Plants and animals provide food for humans. That is why humans are referred to as omnivores and conscious ecosystem consumers. Man’s primary resources are natural

Fig 2. Marine Food web

  1. The primary source of security: We get the wood we need to build houses and sheds and the herbs we need to treat illness from natural sources. Aside from the materials used to build houses, such as wood, clay, stone, and metal, we also obtain weapons for security from natural



  1. Major sources of economic development: People have created life by using natural resources. Natural resources, such as forests, water sources, and mines, are essential for daily life. Plants provide herbs, grass, firewood, fruits, vegetables, and so on, while animal parts such as skin, meat, horns, and fur are also sources of


  1. Ecosystem harmony: Natural resources such as the sun, water, and wind, among others, play an important role in maintaining the ecological system’s balance. As a result, if the elements or species involved in the ecological system disappear, the entire system becomes unbalanced, and the entire organism is confronted with a variety of challenges. As a result, it has an immediate and indirect impact on the human community. Humans must maintain the natural resource



  1. Medicine source: The primary sources of medicine are plants and animals. Research is ongoing because some plants and animals are used as medicines. Some plant and animal parts have been used as herbs in Nepal since ancient



  1. Preservation of natural beauty and diversity: The beauty and diversity of natural resources cannot be quantified. Fish, birds, insects, butterflies, and other living things of various colors are not only beautiful, but they have also contributed to the beauty of nature. As a result, it has become necessary to safeguard the natural resources that preserve such beauty and diversity for future



  1. Source of amusement: Wildlife has evolved into a form of entertainment in society. People have provided a lot of entertainment by doing things like bird watching, hunting, fishing, playing elephant polo, going to the zoo, and so



  1. The source of inspiration for literary creation: Modern society is brimming with intellectual ideas. Natural sources inspire famous scientists and writers around the world to create and invent. A dog’s sleep, a crocodile’s tears, a couple like ants, and other societal proverbs are based on natural




Finally, humans and natural resources have a close relationship. Natural resources are being depleted as a result of human activities, the environment, pollution, excessive use of natural resources, international trade, and natural disasters. As a result, it appears necessary to halt various conservation programs and humanitarian activities for the protection of these resources, as well as to take necessary government-level protection initiatives. Natural resources can thus be used and related in a sustainable manner.


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