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My Narrow Slice of Finnishness

This blog post describes my view on the concept of "Finnishness". Sauna [ˈsɑu̯nɑ], nature, personal space and perseverance are things first in mind.


When I think about ’Finnishness’ and Finnish culture the first things that come to mind are our appreciation for our ‘personal space bubbles’, respect for nature, and honesty.

Finnishness from my point of view

Finland is known to be country of thousands lakes. Finnish nature can amaze you multiple different ways as you can find wide range of different scenes around the country. There are a lot of lakes, forest, snow, green trees and colored flowers. Read my post to find out more about nature, seasons and people in Finland.

My Experiences of Finnishness

"Finnishness" is a term that I easily associate with concepts or adjectives like: personal space, introverted, plain, quiet, serious, independent - just to name a few. My point is, that easily my first thoughts of how to describe what it is like to be Finnish is a bit... Depressing? In this blog, I want to elaborate on my points more and open up Finnishness in the way, that I have actually experienced it.


Finnish people often have some quirks and customs rooted in their culture. These things include, for example, their individuality, modesty, as well as their lifestyle concerning their coffee habits.