Thoughts on Finnishness by TAMK Students

Finnishness as a cultural identity through a foreigner.

Discover the unique blend of natural beauty, technological advancement, and a strong sense of community and tradition that defines Finnishness, the cultural identity, and the characteristics of the Finnish people.


Blog about Finnish nature and holidays

What Finnishness means to me

How has my relationship with Finnishnes changed during the years? In this blog I will discuss what Finnishness means to me personally.


In this blog I am going to tell somethings about Finnishness that are, in my point of view, the most important.

My Experience of Finnishness

Finland is the country of a thousand lakes and saunas. This blog discusses Finnishness such as what is it like to live in Finland, sisu and my experiences of Finnishness.


In this blog post I will tell you how I see Finnishness and what it means to me.

My Experiences of Finnishness

I've been living in Finland for more than 2 years and even though that could be considered a small amount of time, I have developed feelings, thoughts, and opinions for and about this country. In this post, I'll explore some popular free time activities that I've encountered in my time in Tampere and some social aspects that I really appreciate.