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My Experience of Finnishness

Finland is the country of a thousand lakes and saunas. This blog discusses Finnishness such as what is it like to live in Finland, sisu and my experiences of Finnishness.


Where does a Finn find inner peace?

My Experiences of Finnishness

What actually is Finnishness? In my opinion it is everything that is considered to be Finnish or associates with Finland. The first things that come to my mind are sauna, salty liquorice, tranquility and our amazing, pure nature.


What is Finnishness? Life in Finland is unique because everything here is relatively well organized, clean roads, free/affordable healthcare and free education. I would say being born in Finland is like starting life in easy-mode, at least in many sectors of life. For recent five years Finland has been the happiest country according to surveys conducted by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.