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In this blog post I will share some thoughts of Finnishness. When I think about Finland what comes to my mind are the beautiful nature with all four seasons, the sauna and the people with their attitude and the sense of humour. Those are things that I like most in Finland.

Quick introduction about Finland

Happiest population in the world, home of the Santa Claus, winter wonderland, days when the sun never sets, days when the sun won't rise at all, more saunas than there's people... These are very common things that people usually mention when they are talking about Finland. All of these might sound insane and surreal to some people but actually they are all true. Here's a quick introduction about Finland.


Finland, just like any other country, has a culture of it's own. Many Finnish people tend to be proud of being a Finn. In this blog post I will write about my own experiences of Finnishness and what it means to me.

Finnishness from a Dutch perspective

I hail from the small, but colourful country of the Netherlands, maybe you've heard of it. I have lived in Finland for over 5 years, half a year of it in 2017 and 4.5 years now since 2019. As such, I think I can contribute my two cents about Finnishness, but from a more Dutch perspective.