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My Perception of Finnishness

Finnishness is a pretty broad concept by itself. I believe that everyone has their own perception of it, and that there is no simple way to explain it without experiencing it. However, after travelling around the world a lot and living in other countries like China, I've had to try to explain Finnishness a lot of times. The following will be my explanation on the key things of Finnishness that I always mention when someone asks about it.


What comes to mind when I wonder what Finnishness entails


In this blog post I will share some thoughts of Finnishness. When I think about Finland what comes to my mind are the beautiful nature with all four seasons, the sauna and the people with their attitude and the sense of humour. Those are things that I like most in Finland.

Appreciating Finnishness

In this blog post, I want to talk about why Finland is so unique to me. It's my home, and there are certain things about Finnish life that stand out. I will explore the elements that define Finnishness in my opinion. 

Finnish sauna culture

Finnish sauna culture and all it's traditions are very unique. In the past people have used saunas as treatments to diseases, given birth in them and even dried grain in the sauna. Back in the day people believed that in every sauna, there lived a sauna elf or spirit. Although transformed more into modern time saunas still hold some of the old times spirituality and superstitions.