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Life of a Finn

To describe Finnishness I have chosen two topics which I think can give a good narration of the experiences of Finnishness:

My Experiences of Finnishness

I've been living in Finland for more than 2 years and even though that could be considered a small amount of time, I have developed feelings, thoughts, and opinions for and about this country. In this post, I'll explore some popular free time activities that I've encountered in my time in Tampere and some social aspects that I really appreciate.

My Experiences of Finnishness

What actually is Finnishness? In my opinion it is everything that is considered to be Finnish or associates with Finland. The first things that come to my mind are sauna, salty liquorice, tranquility and our amazing, pure nature.


When I think about ’Finnishness’ and Finnish culture the first things that come to mind are our appreciation for our ‘personal space bubbles’, respect for nature, and honesty.