About the blog

Back: Eeva Heikkilä, Matias Heikkilä. Front: Mika Kautonen, Anna Ciechomska (Nadja Nordling missing from the picture).

Expansion: Innovation for a sustainable society

“Expansion: Innovation for a sustainable society” is a blog site run by the Innovation Studies Group (ISG) of Tampere University. ISG is a part of the Research Centre for Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (TaSTI), Faculty of Social Sciences.

ISG’s research focuses on innovation activities, innovation policies as well as innovations’ position and significance in contemporary societies. Our interest extends beyond single organizations to wider innovation environments such as innovation (eco-)systems, communities and open innovation platforms. During the recent years, the group’s focus has shifted towards inclusion and expansion of innovation activities (new countries and regions, sectors and societal stakeholder groups, for instance).

Our Innovation Studies Group has two major goals: Firstly, we intend to produce academic knowledge for the international scholarly society and secondly to contribute to socially and environmentally sustainable innovation through development activities and education. We have also managed to build a worldwide network that consists of academic actors and varied type of practitioners to collaborate on shared interests.

This blog was created to communicate our group’s activities, outcomes, thoughts and also our everyday life to a variety of audiences. We aim to reach audiences from academic to private as well as public decision-makers and further to all those interested in innovations’ broader role in society.

We consider ourselves lucky to work on the burning issues of today.