Virtual Exchange: Cross-cultural communication and Global Employability

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Enroll on a virtual exchange course for learning cross-cultural communication skills!

N-00DH77-3009 Cross-cultural Communication and Global Employability in the 2nd study period

This is a virtual exchange course for learning cross-cultural communication skills. The lessons will take place in Zoom 27.10-15.12.2022. Register by 12 Oct.

Cross-cultural communication skills are becoming more and more important in today’s world of business and globalisation. Having knowledge of different cultures facilitates communication in multi-cultural working environments.

The purpose of this course is to equip students with intercultural business knowledge by real-case examples. The course is designed as an online course in collaboration with TAMK’s strategic partners including Munich University of Applied Sciences, Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences (Hungary) and Takoradi Technical University (Ghana).

Take a look at the course description, and if you get interested, enroll for the course by 12 Oct .

The course is also available for Tampere University students through the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies. 

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