Online course: Basics of Business French

The objective is to learn basic vocabulary and structures of Business French at European competence level (CEFR) A1.

N000GB01-3001 Basics of Business French

Welcome to study French online in English! The online lectures will take place in Zoom 5.9.-5.12.2023. Please register by 4 Sep. The objective is to study French used in the most common communication situations of business life. The contents include:

• Everyday work-related communication situations

• Company/ work-related vocabulary

• Basic grammar and vocabulary

• Basics of pronunciation

• Culture

Please take a look at the course description here. No previous French studies are needed. The course is designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of French. This course is especially aimed for business administration students. However, all students interested in learning the basics of French can join the course. The course is also available for Tampere University students through the Service for Cross-Institutional Studies.

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