The Return of Sparris Workshops!

As a TAMK student, you can develop your study skills by participating in Sparris workshops. The topics of these workshops are versatile and cover all essential skills needed for studying successfully. The workshops are run by TAMK special needs teachers and student wellbeing advisors.

The first workshop of the spring is on 26.1. and the topic is time management. Other topics for the spring include tips for reading/writing, thesis writing and stage fright! In addition, there are workshops available in Finnish.

Some of the workshops are in Zoom, others in Parvi (B1-24), and a couple in Mediapolis – TAMK wishes to keep the physical meetings as physical meetings even in the middle of the pandemic.

Sparris workshops are open for all students interested in the topic with no pre-registration. The workshops are always in the afternoons, starting at 15 or 16 o’clock. Participation doesn’t result in credits, but hopefully the improved study skills will help earning credits from courses!

The list of English Sparris workshops and the link to the Finnish selection is here: