New kinds of leadership skills are in demand at local, national, international and global levels. Master students at Tampere University tackle the questions of changing leadership in this blog.

Join the Master's Degree Programme in Leadership for Change!

The application period to study in the master's degree programme in Leadership for Change is about to begin! The application period starts on 7 December 2022 and ends on 11 January 2023. When applying to the programme, you may choose from the three study tracks: European and Global Politics, Sustainable Business Management, and Governance for Sustainable Change. By interacting with staff members from various disciplines – business, governance, politics and international relations – as well as with different societal stakeholders, students will learn to foster new forms of engagement across sectors of the economy and society. The programme prepares the graduates to work in the private, public or third sector in tasks that involve analysing, planning and steering complex change processes.