Unsure about living in Tampere or coming to Finland? Don’t know what university studies are like here? Does anyone speak English? Worry not – have a look at our stories and contact us to find out more.

– Tampere Student Ambassadors

Student Hangout on Campus - OASIS

After an intense day of lectures, I tagged along a group of friends to Pinni B at City centre campus. We occupied the back row of bean bags, having a very serious discussion about 'how to react to the question "how are you?" '. Someone started to crochet a scarf for winter, and some decided to play Super Smash Bros. As one got a coffee and continued working on their laptop, we found out professors from the previous lectures were hanging out there as well - they were trying to finish a jigsaw puzzle left on a desk for a few days. And this all happens at OASIS – it’s an open space for all.