Unsure about living in Tampere or coming to Finland? Don’t know what university studies are like here? Does anyone speak English? Worry not – have a look at our stories and contact us to find out more.

– Tampere Student Ambassadors

Student Party is All Around: A Closer Look at the Two Major Student Parties

Student-organized events are fundamentally one of the most memorable parts of student life. At Tampere University, both local and international students get to enjoy a variety of different events and free-time activities that provide an excellent opportunity to balance student’s social life with studies. In this blog post, Maria and Tana will introduce two of the most well-known monthly student parties of Tampere University: Kolmiot and Symposium.

Summer? In Finland?!?

When you think of Finland probably the first thing coming to your mind is the snow and the cold. But you will be surprised by how nice the Finnish summer is!

Don't Leave Home Without It: What to Bring When Moving to Tampere

Moving to Finland for studies is an exciting yet challenging endeavor, and it will be even more challenging if you aren’t prepared to move your life over here for the next couple of years. This was something that constantly ran through my mind as someone who was 1) moving away long-term from my home country for the first time ever; and 2) deathly afraid of being underprepared for anything. Hence, this blog was borne out of the paranoia I had before coming here, the experience I’ve had in my studies thus far, and the genuine desire to be of some help to all the new faces that will be gracing the campuses later this year (mostly this last one). Now, we won’t be listing every single item you should stuff into your luggage, but rather a few essentials (and a couple of surprises) that I think might make your transition to life in Tampere much smoother.

Saving Money and the Environment: Secondhand Culture in Tampere

Hi everyone! I'm Emma, a second-year master's student of Security Governance at Tampere University. As students, most of us are looking for ways to save money, and one great way to do so is by buying secondhand. If you are studying in Tampere, you are in luck, as the city has plenty of great secondhand stores and flea markets to offer!