Job Searching Tips for International Students in Finland

Are you an international student hoping to find a professional job in Tampere or elsewhere in Finland? Are you a recent graduate who needs some advice along your journey of job hunting? Then this is for you! Read my exclusive interview with three international friends of mine who have successfully landed a professional position right here in Tampere.

A Brief To-Do List After Reaching Finland

In the following, I will give a glimpse of the things you have to have or need to do right after stepping into Finland as an international degree student. Exchange students may find this text useful as well!

A guide to sporty life in Tampere

Doing sports improves your fitness, brightens your mood and is believed by many to be a key to productive and happy life. However, moving to a new place can sometimes mean that your exercising habits are disrupted. This post will help you explore the numerous possibilities that Tampere has to offer to people who love sports and help you get back on track as soon as possible.

Being a dog owner and full time student in Tampere

My name is Luiza and I am a dog-owner and a second year full-time Fine Art student at TAMK. In this article I will share with you my experience and give you some tips that might help if you are an animal lover like me and you cannot live without a furry friend. I will also share you my own experience of bringing my dog from Romania to Finland.

How to apply – Sharing my own experience

I made my decision to apply for the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Business at TAMK exactly one year ago. I saw an advertisement on Facebook, and I was like okay, let’s try this!

Interesting facts about living in Finland

There are people from all over the world coming to study in Finland and everyone has their own story about experiencing this country. In order to find out how foreigners see Finland, I have asked three students to talk about what was exciting or interesting about coming to live and study here.

A guide to find the perfect Master’s degree programme!

Applying for a master’s degree programme might seem challenging if you don’t know how to start your search and to make a satisfying conclusion. This blog post will give you a general advice and my own perspective as I have been in the same situation two years ago.