Student Party is All Around: A Closer Look at the Two Major Student Parties

A friend group of four students at Symposium-party.
Photo by ESN FINT

Student-organized events are fundamentally one of the most memorable parts of student life. At Tampere University, both local and international students get to enjoy a variety of different events and free-time activities that provide an excellent opportunity to balance student’s social life with studies. In this blog post, Maria and Tana will introduce two of the most well-known monthly student parties of Tampere University: Kolmiot and Symposium.

Legendary Kolmiot

Kolmiot is a monthly party event in Tampere which is student associations called Indecs (industrial engineering and management student association), Luuppi (mathematics, statistical data analysis and computer science), and Staabi (administrative sciences). It was first organized back in 2002 with the current kind of concept and has been going on for 21 years now! The event takes place at the Ranta & Poro restaurants and happens usually either the last or second last Thursday of the month. It is the largest student party event held every month and offers a wonderful opportunity for students from different fields to connect, make new friends, and reunite with acquaintances!

A friend group of five students at Kolmiot.
Attending different student events is an excellent way to balance studies and social life.
Photo by Juha-Matti Hakojärvi


Special Features of Kolmiot: Kolmio Buses and Badges


Two Kolmio-bagdes sawn into student overalls. Text: Kolmiot 20 vuotta.
Did you know that ’’Kolmio’’ means triangle in Finnish? That’s why the badges are also shaped like a triangle, with the names of all three organizers on them. Photo by Maria Vainio-Mattila

Kolmio buses make getting back home after the party much more comfortable. Starting from Ratina Stadion, the Kolmio buses make stops at Kaleva and Hervanta, allowing students to get off at any bus stop on the way. But that’s not all! Another special thing about Kolmiot is that from some of the Kolmio parties you can get different kinds of Kolmiot overall badges: they are usually different looking depending on the theme of the party. Each party has a unique theme, some examples of which include White Lies Kolmiot, Winter Wonderland Kolmiot, and After ski kolmiot.


Kolmio tickets: super popular and hard to get!

Kolmiobileet is a very popular event, and in fact, tickets are often sold out within seconds through (ticket price: 3€ and with cloakroom 6€). However, even if you miss the sales, there are alternative ways to get a ticket: campus ticket sales are also available, and there is also an option to buy tickets from people who are reselling them due to unexpected circumstances, for example, an illness, just before the event. But even if you happen to not get a ticket, there is a third option: after midnight, the doors also open for students who don’t have a ticket. Although, if you happen to choose this option, you will have to prepare to wait in line for some time. But don’t be discouraged – waiting in line can be enjoyable too! You can have fun with your friends, listen to some music, and throw a party of your own. In Finnish this is called jonobileet, which translates to queue party in English.


Party at Symposium


A friend group of four students at Symposium-party.
Tropical Night theme was a farewell party of previous academic year before Summer. Photo by ESN FINT @esnfint

The term ‘Symposium’ for many students at Tampere University has different connotation besides conference meeting. For us, it means an international party event organized monthly by two international student associations from two campuses ie. ESN FINT from City Center Campus and INTO from Hervanta Campus. The original concept is inspired and similar to Kolmiot in practice. Symposium happens usually every second Thursday of the month (except in Summer). Each party has a specific theme that resonates to the international day or trend at the moment to connect local, international and exchange students on a common ground. Can you guess what was the latest theme of Symposium in October? – Definitely, it was Oktoberfest!


By Students For Students


Six flower shaped badges for student overalls from different Symposium-events. Text: Symbosium.
Symposium overall badges are designed by students. The flower petals signify simplicity and variety, and are inspired by its monthly theme. Photo by Tana Vipavin

Both organisers ESN FINT and INTO are student bodies that run to support exchange and international students. Although they are based at different campus, their purposes align and often collaborate in multiple events. Symposium is one of their most well-known collaborations among other things. It is not just a place for international and local students coming to hang out and party, but the organisers work together on regular basis to manage details and run the operation every month for other peer students. They work hard to make sure that every party is inclusive and harassment-free. At the end of the day, fade away, and you just have to come back to reality of assignments and study, what was left as memorabilia is the theme badge that we receive when we enter the party to remind us of the experience.

If you want to know more, follow the organisers’ Instagram accounts @kolmiotbileet and @symposiumparty.


About the authors:


Maria Vainio-Mattila is a third year student in lifelong learning and education at Tampere University. As optional studies she has studied administrative science, psychology, and social science. When she’s not busy studying, she enjoys working out at the gym and taking walks in nature.



Tana Vipavin is a master’s student in public policy analysis at Tampere University from Thailand. With her stance in public interests, she holds various board positions in three associations related to international students at Tampere University to promote diversity and inclusiveness.