Valentine’s day in Finland

For friends in stead of lovers, it's a whole different thing. Finland and Estonia are rare countries in celebrating Valentine's day by honoring friendship.

In Finland, Valentine’s day is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates as friendship day. In Finland, Valentine’s day is the day when people celebrate friendships rather than romantic relationships. Usually, friends give each other cards. I personally love those that are handmade by my friends. However, the foreign tradition of celebrating it with romantic partners is also taking place in Finland. So, feel free to celebrate it the way you like most; with your friends, with your partner or with both!

In Tampere, you can celebrate Valentine’s day in many ways, even at the university. On Thursday, UniDance has organised a day full of activities that include workshops and performances in the Center Campus, more info:

Also, if you come to exercise with a friend to SportUni, your friend and you get a free badge:

On the other hand, if you were thinking of celebrating it in a more traditional way and you want to take your loved one/friend to eat out, there are plenty of restaurants with offers on this day. Give it a go! And Happy Friendship day! <3

Text : Mónica Sánchez Torres

Photo : Finland Image Bank