Studying remotely while waiting for my Visa

Due to Covid-19, immigration processes are taking longer than usual. However, that hasn’t stopped me from starting my TAMK studies remotely and meeting my classmates online.

Due to Covid-19, immigration processes are taking longer than usual. However, that hasn’t stopped me from starting my TAMK studies remotely and meeting my classmates online.

Are you worried about the long process of immigration? Do you wonder what it will be like to start your TAMK degree but still live in your home country?

I am from Lagos, Nigeria, and due to the lengthy process of immigration, I am still in my home country.

This is one of my favorite views of my city, this is Victoria Island by noon.I am currently studying International Business at TAMK, I started this Autumn while still in my home country, and I have decided to share my experience with you.

If you are coming to Finland from a country that requires a resident permit/visa to stay in Finland, the immigration process might take a little while due to the Covid-19 precautions and sorting of other applicants. Therefore, you must take your time to fill the necessary forms and appear for your biometrics/Embassy interview. In some cases, traveling to another country may be necessary, if you do not have one in your home country.

I will not be writing much on immigration processes beyond this as experiences defer to individuals and location.

Studying from Home

Studying from my home country has been challenging, but it has become bearable for me with my empathetic lecturer and supportive coursemates.

Although I do not have a bank account in Finland, the school helped me to open a TUNI account. The TUNI account means I can use TAMK’s electronic services, such as moodle and email account. Therefore, my first experience with this school was memorable.

At the beginning of the studies, orientation week was fun! Even for students not in Finland, there were zoom calls to make us participate virtually, which was memorable and thoughtful.

The student-Lecturer relationship is a very warm one that aids learning. The lecturers at TAMK are very accommodating and help all students reach their goals. For example, my lecturers helped me during the week of my immigration process by making an exemption for my exams and classes.

What’s even better, my classes are flexible and I can do my tasks as well as group work. My coursemates made sure we worked on our group tasks in consideration of those abroad. Also, the social counsellor helps international students adjust to their new environment.

Somebody even created a WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams group for accessible communication between students and lecturers.

I feel that the TAMK community is very inclusive with the best student tutors, lecturers, and coursemates.

My experience as an international student studying from my home country has been one enlightening experience. It is one of character development for when I complete my study years and start working with clients from various parts of the world.

Excited to move to Finland

I am excited to be joining the rest of my coursemates in Finland. This will be the first time I will leave my home country, and I look forward to this new adventure! There is the occasional anxiousness to the thought, but it is overridden with my excitement to be in Tampere physically and have the student experience fully.

I look forward to seeing my coursemates, student tutors, and lecturers. I will keep my excitement in check for the next time I write about my experience living in Tampere as an international student. Till then, I cannot wait to see you all join TAMK…Till I write to you <3

About the author: Terve! I am Falilat Badmus. I am from Nigeria and currently studying International Business at TAMK. I work as a media strategist and Influencer, and I enjoy learning at TAMK and my favorite course in Marketing.
I enjoy helping people, learning new things. In addition, I love arts, music, and trying out restaurants.

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