Why stay in Tampere: Post-Grad Life in Tampere, Finland

Tampere city skyline.

Whether you have already been studying in Tampere for a few years or have just moved here for your studies, this blog post might be for you. As a student at Tampere University, you have already had the chance to experience the city's unique blend of culture, education, and natural beauty. Tampere, known for its vibrant university community and stunning lakeside setting, has likely left a mark on your heart. But have you ever considered staying in Tampere after graduation? If not, it's time to explore the compelling reasons to make this city your post-graduate home.

1. Quality of Life

The quality of life in Tampere is exceptional. The city offers a perfect balance between urban conveniences and natural beauty. You can enjoy picturesque lakes, forests, and parks within minutes from the city center. Tampere’s well-developed infrastructure, healthcare system, and social services contribute to a high standard of living. 

2. Multicultural Community

As a student, you’ve likely experienced Tampere’s diverse and inclusive community. Staying in Tampere means continuing to be part of this multicultural environment. You’ll find friends from all around the world, and the city’s international atmosphere ensures that you’ll always feel at home. 

3. Cultural and Entertainment Scene

Tampere boasts a lively cultural scene, with numerous theaters, art galleries, and music venues. The city also hosts various events and festivals, offering a wide range of entertainment options. If you love reading, you’ll appreciate Tampere’s libraries and bookshops, which cater to a wide range of tastes 

4. Research and Academic Opportunities

If you plan to continue your academic journey or engage in research, Tampere is an excellent choice. Tampere University, renowned for its research excellence, provides opportunities for further education and academic collaboration.  

5. Connection to Nature

Tampere is a city where you can escape into nature within minutes. The numerous lakes, forests, and hiking trails provide endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to relax by the water or explore the Finnish wilderness, Tampere has it all. 

The writer rising hands standing on frozen lake.
Being located between two lakes nature is surrounding Tampere.

6. Job Market

You may be surprised by this point being on the list, but Tampere is a hub for education and a thriving business and technology center. With a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship, the city offers many career opportunities. Whether you’re an international student or a local, Tampere’s job market can be very diverse. Companies like Nokia, Tampere University, and various startups are always on the lookout for fresh talent. 

7. Easy Access to Other Cities

Tampere’s strategic location in Finland means you’re never far from other major cities like Helsinki and Turku. Excellent transportation links make it easy to explore the country or visit friends and family in different regions. This also means it is possible to commute to work in hybrid settings. 

8. Cost of Living

Compared to some other Finnish cities, Tampere offers a relatively lower cost of living, making it an attractive choice for graduates looking to save and build their future. 

In conclusion, staying in Tampere after graduation is a smart but personal choice. This vibrant, multicultural city offers a high quality of life and a community that will make you feel at home. Tampere provides a unique blend of urban living and natural beauty, making it an attractive destination for those seeking an exciting post-graduate life. Your academic journey in Tampere is just the beginning of a promising future in this unique city. 

About the author:

Emma is currently finalizing her master’s in Security Governance at Tampere City Center Campus. She has decided to stay in Finland after graduation and explains why you should consider it too!