A Day in the Life of a Computing Sciences Student

Students working on computers.
Photo: Tampere University

Coming towards the end of my first year of studying machine learning at Tampere University, I would like to share my experience as a computing sciences student. Let’s have a look at how great and productive a day in my student life can be!

My major is machine learning and my minor is human-technology interaction. The combination is perfect if you want to have a diverse study field. The courses link together well and also give you a lot of knowledge which can be applied in practical life.

Cup of coffee.
My day usually starts in the morning with a hot cup of tea and breakfast. A good start can make your day perfect!

My job as a Research Assistant

Because I am also a research assistant at Tampere University, I usually divide my studies and work in a way to best meet the deadlines and make the most out of it.  My work is research-based and consists of the knowledge of basic signal processing, microcontroller programming, data analytics and machine learning concepts.

Covid-19 and learning

Because of Covid-19 and distance learning, it is easy to do the coursework and attend classes online via Zoom. I usually have one or two classes in the evening which consist of group work, activities and lectures. The Zoom meeting with my group is one of the best parts of the day where I get to interact with my fellow course mates. It gives me a chance to communicate with others and feel connected.

Between the classes, laboratory sessions and tutorials the students usually hang out on campus. My personal preference is to go to my desk in my room when I have a few hours free. When I’m on my computer, my workflow is most effective.

A laptop and a mug.

I try my best to stay focused on my goals to make sure I don’t miss out on the best parts of the day. Having breaks is essential and hence, I usually go to the university cafeteria for lunch.

My Computing Sciences Studies

Computing science is all about how well you manage your time in gaining skills and engaging yourself productively. Studying it is diverse and consists of many interesting courses like Computational diagnostic of data, Pattern recognition and machine learning etc. The assignments require careful thought and consideration.

In the end, Computing science is one of the fastest developing and most profitable business sectors with a wide variety of work opportunities available. The programme in Tampere University is well defined and interesting. I would recommend it to people who want to do something innovative. It is a super exciting area (at least for me) that is ever-changing and super important in the future!

– Atiqa

About the writer: Atiqa studies at Tampere University. Her degree programme is Computing Sciences, majoring in Machine Learning. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in NUST, Pakistan. She loves to cook and explore new places.