Viikinsaari Island – A summer retreat oasis right in the city

Do you know that there is a lovely and beautiful island named Viikinsaari in Tampere? It is located only 20-min boat ride away from Tampere city center. A proper summer oasis for Tampere University students!

The island is a popular nature sightseeing spot and an outdoor recreation area. Viikinsaari is administrated by the Tampere Culture Affairs, which organizes happenings and events throughout summer for people of all ages, for example nature tours for children, dance lessons and events and music nights. Sound interesting? Let me tell you about my one-day trip to this lovely island.

How to reach the island?

In the summertime there is a boat connection to the island from the Laukontori harbour. During the summertime, ​the island can be reached by boat service departing from Laukontori harbour. In the winter, it can be reached by walking or skiing.

Me on the boat to the island.

What to do in Viikinsaari

I visited Viikinsaari island on one sunny day last August. This was an interesting one-day trip to retreat with my friends. The breath-taking overview of the island can be enjoyed from the boat. Me and my friends arrived in the island in the morning and we spent our time discovering the island by strolling down the nature trail.

By the pathways, apart from experiencing the natural forest and the sounds of creatures, there are many delightful swimming spots to spend an easygoing summer day. The island is pristine and small. It does not take much time and effort to get around the island.

The views are breathtaking!

We brought snacks and drinks for lunch because there is a place to grill and cook on the island. If you do not prepare the food beforehand, you can also dine at Summer Restaurant Viikinsaari. There is also a kiosk on the island where one can buy refreshments, sweets, ice cream and grilled food.

Grilling for lunch.

You can enjoy your picnic snacks on a sandy beach, green lawn or wooden picnic tables. In the afternoon, we just sat down on a random spot, had some snacks, and chatted while enjoying the picturesque sight-seeing for the rest of the day, and finally, went home with a refreshed mind.

Picnic by the lake.

The Viikinsaari island is a wonderful summer oasis within the city to spend your valuable free time with your family, friends or a loved one. I do recommend that it is a must-visit place in Tampere, you should see this natural beauty with your own eyes!

– Tran

About the writer: Tran is a Master’s degree student in Environmental Engineering, originally from Vietnam. She has lived in Tampere for more than 4 years and also completed her Bachelor’s degree at Tampere University. Her hobbies are solving Rubik’s cubes and playing guitar.