FOUND CONNECTION: here and now

Santeri Paronen & Lotta Syväniemi

People find themselves deeply connected to the global net during most of the day. As a contrast to this people seem to be searching for meaningful moments being connected to the present. In response to this, our project aims to strengthen the feeling of being offline from the global net and focusing the mind and the body to the place and moment.

While studying the area of Viinikanlahti, we noticed the transition from a hectic urban city life closer to nature and peace by the lake. A view to the hectic cityscape behind the peaceful lake creates a protecting barrier from the connected life.

Regarding the architecture, we studied the elements that connect the user to the moment. Experiences of sacred spaces and light seem to be creating such. Together with bodily sensations and emotions they could create an urban church-like space. In addition to this, the natural materials and human touch visible on the surfaces provoke senses and so deepen the concentration on the moment.

Our mass is partially embedded inside the terrain to make the connection to the lake prominent, descending to the level of tranquility. The load-bearing structure is a wooden pillar-beam system. Walls against the ground are made of concrete. The yoga and meditation wing is a wood-structured floating unit. The net area of the wellbeing center is 6060 m2 and gross area 6600 m2.