BIG WHOOP - digital fine art exhibition by TAMK art and media-students, 13.04.-01.05.2020

By Jenny Vesiväki

“A group show about big deals, important occurrences and beautifully laid out messy emotions.”

Aleksandra Näveri, From the series Liquid: Who You Are, 2019-2020


Turns out, building things, perhaps any things, is way easier when there is physical presence involved.

We – a group of TAMK students from Mediapolis, currently taking the Cultural Export minor, began the process of making an art exhibition back in January, and as just about everyone else, had no idea what was coming.

In the studio, Janna Lindfors, Jenny Vesiväki.

The exhibition was supposed to be held as a physical exhibition in an art café, with an opening night of live music and so forth. But as the virus began to take hold, naturally, we had to adjust. Maybe we still get to have the actual exhibition in the future, but for now, the exhibition is online.

Making an exhibition without ever seeing the works in person is difficult, because in many cases something is “lost in translation”. Of course we still managed. Everything in online and running. It is a great show. Many times I have blessed the internet, in this strange time we are in, I cannot imagine living through this without the internet

Janna Lindfors, From the collage triptych Identity theft, 2020

The project became much more about virtual representations, of course. We ended up working through WhatsApp and email. A good team is essential in any project, especially, when it is so easy to remain silent and passive in virtual spaces, while not sitting around an actual table. I am grateful to my fellow students, most of all for having skills that I don’t have, and for staying focused during a time of global distress. Being able to lean on others while still very much working independently is a nice feeling.

Just as with the name of the exhibition, the meanings of the artworks also shifted. Or rather, got added onto. While editing the texts and writing about the exhibition, I once again remembered why I am an artist; art is our ally in good times and in challenging times. Art is here whenever we need it. It talks about things that make us human. It is also comforting to think about all these young artists, working so hard to shed light on important issues. BIG WHOOP is a collection of windows into our human abilities of seeing, healing, understanding and creating meaning. Art is here for us.


Exhibition team:
Janna Lindfors, Jasmin Gams, Jonathan Carrey, Jenny Vesiväki, Aleksandra Näveri, Petra Vuorinen