10th and last meeting! Luiza&Emilia

Christmas in Portuguese is Natal and we celebrate on the 24th. Some families eat only at 00h and the celebration starts, we open the gifts etc. There is usually dinner on the 24th and barbeque on the 25th for lunch, lots of parties, and drinks. At every Brazilian Christmas table there will be: farofa (cassava flour), rice with raisins (this is a huge polemic in Brazil, I’m all in for the raisins and my family too), turkey, salpicão (most delicious chicken salad ever), panetone (kind of bread with crystallized fruits or chocolate), rabanada (a dessert made of bread, milk and condensed milk) and many other delicious desserts).

Many times on Christmas we gather with our friend’s families too, nobody is left alone and we are always close with our friend’s families as if we are one family. We like to do and “X-friend” or “dirty friend”, that it would be a secret Santa, the first one is normal and the dirty one we gift each other with stupid stuff only, that makes Christmas even more fun. 

I told Emilia I really like some jouluruoka and she explained to me that here, Christmas foods are often the ones in the “box”, laatikko. My favorite one is perunalaatikko because it’s kind of sweet and goes perfectly with meat in my opinion. We are planning to keep with our Christmas conversation cooking my favorite pastry, joulutorttu.


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