Tandem teaching & learning diaries of TAMK students.

Chinese-Russian. First Meeting on Campus.

My language partner Zichen and I met for the first time on campus to get to know each other. We discussed our study goals, teaching methods and had a small talk. Our plan for the course is to exchange our experiences and teach each other the languages that we fluently speak.

Meeting 2 - Talking and talking

As we already knew a bit more about ourselves, we were teaching each other how to have a "normal" conversation, but also some randoms expressions or words that interested us.

Second meeting in TAMK

In the second meeting we have been in a study room on the TAMK campus talking about our languages, their similarities and differences.

Meeting 1 - Coffee and talk

In this first meeting, we had a very good time. It was a meeting in which we introduced ourselves, as well as taught each one something about our culture and origin.