Tandem teaching & learning diaries of TAMK students.

Blog10: Internet and tech savy people: Today Myko came with a friend to hook up my internet connection. I received the modem in the mail but I didn't know how to connect this without Myko's help. I learned so many new Vietnamse words that I added to my book. She explained a lot about Vietnamese culture and the role of women and the role of women in Europe. It was so interesting and important for me to recognize my privilege and predisposition as a Canadian female, we laughed and had so many complications with the modem but finally Myko got it to work. Myko taught me so much today about being strong and pursuing your dreams as a mother and a woman. I was able to exchange services and help Myko to pronounce her words more clearly and we looked through my lonely planet travel book that I have been dreaming of making a reality. We talked a lot about the possibilities of future travel together. I learn so much from her on a day to day basis. Her strength inspires me and makes me less afraid of my own. I am happy now that I internet and a dear friend who knows so much about so many different things.