10th Meeting at EOTO Pre-Christmas Party (SPA-GER) Final meeting

This time we decided to hold our last meeting at the EOTO Pre-Christmas Party at TAMKO Solu and was good chance to meet other course participants and get to know them a bit very casually.

I found this party interesting because I could meet people from different countries and get to know something of their culture and way of being, although I could not be at the party so much time but I could spend a nice time talking about interesting topics, one think that i loved was the food of different countries it was delicious and I found interesting the different types of flavors of the food.

To finish I would like to talk about how was my experience in this course. This course for me was fun and interesting because I could meet new friends from different countries and learn many things about the culture of their countries. I decided to choose to study the German language because I had always wanted to learn it, although I did not know anything before beginning the course, at the end I could learn different things that will help me to better understand this language. Something that seemed interesting to me was how to teach my Spanish language because it is something complicated to teach, but at the end as a group we were able to teach the best possible way. Something that I really liked was knowing the culture of two new countries, Spain and Switzerland, because I had no knowledge about those countries, but in the end I was surprised by the way they live in those countries.


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