1st meeting at SOLU!

Meeting nr. 1:

As stated in the preliminary plan, we decided to start off with basic greetings, pronunciations as well as different etiquettes when it comes to meeting and greeting in Denmark and Spain.

Before meeting we had already decided on what we would be teaching each other and had chosen different English words, phrases and more, which we then translated into our respective languages.

Myself and Gareth, are classmates and therefore our schedule aligns perfectly. For this particular meeting, we decided to meet after school at Solu, to enjoy the free coffee and cozy atmosphere. We were sure this would sky rocket our learning process!

Spanish (Español)                    English (Inglés/Engelsk)                                   Danish (Dansk)

Hola                                            Hello                                                                     Hej

Buenos dias                               Good day                                                             Goddag

Buenos dias                               Good morning                                                    Godmorgen

Buenas tardes                           Good afternoon                                                 God eftermiddag

Buenas tardes                           Good evening                                                     God aften

¿Quieres comer?                     Do you want to eat?                                          Er du sulten?

¿Hola, como estas?                 Hey, how are you?                                             Hey, hvordan har du det?

¿Que tal?                                  How is it going?                                                  Hvordan går det?

Adios                                          Good bye                                                             Farvel

Hasta pronto                            See you soon                                                      Vi ses snart

Meet and greet etiquette in Spain

In Spain, the men usually greet each other by shaking hands or a hug. Meanwhile, with the women it is weird shake hands and you should give them a hug and two kisses. One kiss on each cheek.

You would usually ask, “How is the family / How is your day going?”. However, you shouldn’t necessarily expect a real reply, as it is more commonly used as a greeting. It is also common to say “Como estamos?” which essentially means “How are we”, but it is interpreted as asking someone how they are.


Meet and greet etiquette in Denmark

In Denmark, men and women greet each other in a similar matter. Usually, the first time you greet someone or formal occasions, you will shake hands. There on after, you can continue to greet each other by giving a short hug or a simple heads up.

In Denmark it’s common to use English words and therefore many greetings can consist of everything from Hey, sup, yo, what’s up and hej. Greetings like good day and so on are usually not used in a casual matter and in the morning you would only be hearing people say “ ‘morning”.

-Nicolai Søndergaard and Gareth Hunter


Hi guys, great to read about your first session. Please remember that you need to post individual blog posts, both of you. The idea is that even though you might have pretty similar descriptions of what you did during your meeting, you most likely have at least a bit different experiences on it (i.e. what went well, what did I learn, what was more difficult than I expected, etc.). So please write individual posts about each meeting.

Henri Annala

31.1.2017 14:35

I understand, sorry!
Will Gareth be required to make his own version of our first meeting or will it suffice to continue from our 2nd meeting?

Nicolai Søndergaard

1.2.2017 21:02

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