1st meeting – Café Gopal

We met in Gopal Café on Thursday, 4 February. Along with a cup coffee or tea, we had chitchat and got to know each other. In our group, we have three Finnish girls, Tuuli and Suvi beside of me, and one from Costa Rica, Isa. Isa will teach us Spanish, and we teach Finnish to her. I think we will have nice time together, learning Spanish and Finnish. 🙂

In our first meeting we started with the basics, even they were familiar for most of us. Isa taught us Spanish personal pronouns, some common verbs, and how to use those in a sentence. She also gave us Spanish alphabets so we can practice our pronouncing. I think it was good to recall those things, so it’s easier to continue with new stuff. In the end of our meeting we gave to Isa few Finnish bands and vocalists, and Isa gave us few Spanish vocalists’ names to check out some lyrics for the next meeting.

We had a nice meeting, time went really fast. Looking forward our next meeting..


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