2. Meeting - German basics

Teaching German alphabet and greetings

For our second meeting we met us in the canteen again. While eating I explained Kaili some diffenerences between southern and northern Germany and showed her pictures of typical buildings. As we agreed last week, our second meeting should be about German language basics. At first, I wasn’t sure how to teach a language without any previous knowledge. I then geared myself to the Basics of Finnish course and prepared a few PowerPoint slides. This was really helpful. I also find some schoolbook like slides and websites on the internet. These help with teach by showing little pictures that illustrate words and situations. Following the slides, it was easy to audition and to repeat. Kaili noticed that German is similar to English which helps learning German. For example, “willkommen” sounds almost like “welcome”. One challenge in teaching others is not to be too fast and teach too many words and sentences at once, especially in the beginning.


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