#4 Finnish-German Korvapuusti baking session

The other 2 girls came to my place to bake korvapuusti or cinnamon buns or Zimtschnecken. We figured out pretty quick that fins turn them sideways whereas germans just leave the spiral as it is. So they definitely looking differntly to what i know from Germany. We started out with the dough sadly a lot of kitchen utensiles were missing so we had to improvise… e.g. a scale: but Jasim told us that fins are cooking with the measurement cup thats why a lot is not in gramms but in dl. So we were able to take a cup for that. Then the whisk = Schneebesen, we esplained the word to Jasmin and told her where it comes from because it can sound really weird if you translate it word by word. well we could use a  fork for that. When we finished the dough we started to translate the recipe and learned the words for the ingredients.

so here are the words :

dough= taikina; ruokalusikka= table spoon; teelusikka= tea spoon; filling=täyte; milk= maito; egg= muna; sugar= sokeri; cardamon= kardemumma; salt= suola; yeast=kuivahiiva; flour=vehnäjauhot; voi= butter; cinnamon = kaneli

so after that we rolled it and learned the finnish way in doing them. When everything was in the oven we decided to meet again on tuesday for the german evening and Kässpätzle.

the Korvapuusti turned out to die for but sadly jasmin had to go pretty quick after they were out of the oven.


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