#5 Korean cities to travel by Daye

[5] 19.2 Sun, 14:00-19:00 Korean cities to travel by Daye


I had prepared a PPT admiring Guillaume’s special presentation. It was not as good as his but I picked some cities that many Korean go to travel to introduce them to him. Actually looking for some nice videos which can show spectacular views of Korea, I had thought that we don’t have many professional ones in English compared to France. I chose 22 cities and guided him with brief explanation including some festivals held in each city. Thanks to Hyunsoo and Jieun, my lecture had been completed well. It had quite many places and videos that my laptop went out sadly. Anyway I was so happy that Guillaume said to thank me for the PPT.


We had really long lecture today, sometimes it happens to be in a small talk far from the subject for a while. However, the obvious thing is that all the time we took there was fun. 😀


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