5. Ideapark

Today we went to Ideapark. I had two birthday gifts what I supposed to buy. But first we went to Burger King and Färhad ordered some food for himself. Also we tasted these really good Oreo shakes! Färhad ordered in Finnish and it went well. We talked about saluting for generally. It is really funny how many times some people gives a handshake during the day. In Finland we shakes hands so much less. And in France cheek kisses are really common. They could give four cheek kisses for a person. I haven’t heard from that before.  We had really fun during the conversation!

After Burger King we go to the shops to find birthday gifts what I wanted to buy. We talked all the time in English and my spoken English was good today! I explained words if I didn’t remember or then I thought longer other way to say what I wanted to say. It was really good meeting for that. Also I talked faster than before and I didn’t notice that did someone listen us.

When we drove back to home, I spoke Finnish because we noticed that Färhad didn’t spoke much Finnish during the meeting. I asked questions about evening and Färhad answered to me. Some sentences were hard. For example when I asked which way was better to go back home. But it went really good. I translated sentences to English if there was something what was hard to understand. When we meet next I thought that I could answer to Färhad with Finnish and translate sentences to English if needed. It can be hard for me because I have to think both languages but Färhad could learn more Finnish!



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