5. meeting: Prisma

It´s hard to see sometimes what people who can´t speak native language feels for example in a supermarket where is plenty of things and prices and names only in Finnish. It must be hard to see what is right name for everything. For example vegetables..there is so many different kinds of fruits and stuff and all the signs for them are beside each others and not so clear always. We went to a market Prisma in Kaleva and time went quickly when we were doing our shopping in polish and Finnish.
Polish shopping-list were:

Jajka – kananmunat
miód – hunaja
bułki – sämpylä
mięso – liha
ogórek – kurkkua
marchew i (ja, and) – porkkana
pomidor – tomaatti

I gave my own list also for Adam and Joanna and also we were going and watching and talking about every other interesting things we saw and discussed about food and drinks. There is long tradition in Finland to eat grain…porridge and breads, but nowadays its mainly from the markets where everybody is buying their food and bread. Adam and Joanna told that they were missing real bakery-made breads like fresh buns with hard covering. There is not so much that kind of bakeries in Finland were you can go an buy bread directly from oven, i guess…but something like ready-to-oven-products you can find…and they are baking those in some markets as well.

An interesting new Finnish thing we found and got to buy was MÄMMI! Traditional Easter-food that is sweet and dark “porridge” made of malt that you can buy from a market in a little box from several food factories. We took a head start to Easter and bought ones. Yes, Adam and Joanna were also buying one, hope that they liked it!

We noticed that we spend whole two hours in Market at the end! Long time to do shoppings specially when Adam and Joanna had been waken in last night to see the Northern lights, but I couldn´t see tiredness so much when we meet. Their company was as great as normal, and we had an interesting evening inside that big food-market!



Most words in the grocery list look quite close to their Russian equivalents. But then, the languages are related 🙂

Daria Simkina

2.4.2017 18:49

Noticed also that for example numbers sounded like close to Russian. Don´t know so much Russian though.

Elisa Koivula

7.4.2017 21:51

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