5th meeting – shopping together

Our meeting took a place in Prisma market. We prepared the list of products we had needed in our language and Elisa did it in Finnish. We were walking through the shop and discovered new Finnish products. We also found some Polish products there!

On our list there were:

  • Jajka – eggs – munat
  • Mięso – meat – liha
  • Bułki – rolls – rullina
  • Chleb – bread – leipä

And we also added some extra words:

  • Ser – cheese – juusto
  • Marchew – carrot – porkkana
  • Ogórek – cucumber – kurkku

We found in the shop Polish brewery beer called “Pierwsza pomoc” what means “First aid”. We were really surprised.  As everyone knows, Easter Holidays are coming. That’s why we found Mämmi in the shop! Of course, we bought it, to try something typical for Finland. As Elisa said, we prepared it with cream. Mämmi is traditionally made of water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, seasoned salt, and dried powdered Seville orange zest. Yummy!



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