5th meeting: Solu again

This time, again, we chose to meet at Solu, since we were both at TAMK, but time was too limited to go elsewhere. The Finnish part shorter than it should have been, because I get a bit nervous teaching Finnish in presence of native speakers, especially when they are so openly listening in on the conversation. I don’t know why, I start feeling too shy.

So, I asked Ida to switch to Swedish sooner. I feel more relaxed being a student – I guess because then even I am not expecting myself to be perfect 🙂 Next time we will go to a quieter place and speak more Finnish.

During the Swedish part we discussed our plans for summer, like summer jobs and courses. And, again, differences between the Swedish spoken in Finland and the Swedish spoken in Sweden came up – like, for example, the use of the word villa to mean a summer house, while in Sweden it would be a detatched house.

This session was a bit shorter than usual – about an hour long. Next time we should choose somewhere new and, like I’ve mentioned, speak more Finnish.


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