#7 Eating out at Plevna

[7] 12.4 Wed, 19:00-22:00 Eating out at Plevna


We met to have dinner to feel the Finnish restaurant. We got together a month after the last class so we talked about many things of our daily life. Guillaume’s family had come and he gave us madeleine(French desserts) which he had asked his parents for us. It was really delicious and I appreciated his kindness. And France and Korea would have an election to get a president each so we had a chat about it. Whereas Korea’s election is held only once for one president, France has a special form of election. In France, they have two-time of election. If they have a candidate getting more than half of votes, he or she would be a president. However if not, they have one more election between the two most supported candidates and one of them would be a president. It sounded like a survival. Anyway we had some foods that had potatoes, hams and eggs with some sauce. Surely with some beers except me who don’t like drinking that much. Each dish was much and heavy so we couldn’t make them finished and kept having a conversation for more hours.


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