7th meeting: lunch at TAMK

So, once again the meeting place was TAMK – only this time for lunch. Another very nice conversation, in both languages (start in Finnish, then the second part in Swedish) – more or less evenly distributed, which is very good.

Sad the course is nearing its end, as Ida goes away already in May. The conversation mostly centered around our plans for summer, this time study plans, since, as it turns out, we both would be interested in taking some online courses in summer… only Ida is being more realistic, while I have already applied to several. Well, I guess I am incorrigible 🙂 We looked through the available list of courses again together and discussed some of the options.

Also, we talked a bit about… cooking fish. Since there was fish on the menu and Ida’s family are fond of fishing.

Next time we will explore some more of Tullintori. And I guess next time I’ll ask for more Swedish: it is sometimes hard to talk, though that, I guess, depends on the topic.


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