7th meeting - Lunch at the university


This meeting was one of the most interesting. We met at the university to eat together, because we all had classes and we were there.
Dorka and I are taking the “Basics of Finish” class, and the exam was next week, so we asked Kasimir if we could learn some vocabulary. They all agreed, so we did.
For me, it was a very productive meeting, because it helped me to pass the subject. But not only for that. We talked for a long time about the current situation in Finland regarding the war. It was really interesting to hear Kasimir’s opinion regarding the whole history of Finland. He hadn’t had a chance to talk to someone Finnish about this, and it’s really okay to have a different opinion than on social media. We also discussed a bit about the situation in each of our countries and whether they were safe countries to live in.
It was really like a class, but fun.


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