8th Meeting (SPA-GER)

We decided to had the meeting at the common room of Kaupinojan Sauna, because emilio a member of our group organized a party with exchange students where we had a very fun night meeting people from different countries, knowing their cultures and interests, we had the opportunity to talk with people from Germany and learn something from German in a different way.

in this meeting we decided to talk about the days of the week, months and other usefull thing related with time, as for example:


  • Montag (Monday) Lunes
  • Dienstag (Tuesday) Martes
  • Mittwoch (Wednesday) Miercoles
  • Donnerstag (Thursday) Jueves
  • Freitag (Friday) Viernes
  • Samstag (Saturday) Sabado
  • Sonntag (Sunday) Domingo

And how to say “on Monday” or “on Friday” you use the prepositional phrase am Montag or am Freitag.

  • Januar – January – Enero
  • Februar- February – Febrero
  • März – March – Marzo
  • April – April – Abril
  • Mai – May – Mayo
  • Juni – June – Junio
  • Juli – July – Julio
  • August – August – Agosto
  • September – September – Septiembre
  • Oktober – October – Octubre
  • November – November – Noviembre
  • Dezember – December – Diciembre


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