#9 German-Finnish: Movie night

For our nights meeting we wanted to watch a movie together. First we thought a Finnish one, because then me and Krystian could improve a bit but in the end it would be all in English, so we decided to watch a German movie because then Krystian and Paula could improve their skills. So we watched:

“Almanya – Willkommen in Deutschland” (begin 0:18)

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The film is about a turkish immigrated family in Germany and shows some funny klichees of the Germans. On the other side it is interesting because the discussion with foreigners is very present at the moment because of the refugees, so that was an interesting comparison. While watching they learned some new words:

Gastarbeiter – guest worker
Ossis – People from Eastern Germany
Decke – blanket (and ceilings)
Beerdigung – funeral – hautajaiset
Sarg – coffin
Grab – grave – hauta (a bit ad words because the grandpa died on the trip)

But I was impressed how good the both understand the movie!

Although this meeting was a bit more for German we repeated a bit the verbs in negative form because I will have my Finnish exam:

not to be / ei olla:
minä  en ole
sinä et ole
hän ei ole
me emme ole
te ette ole
he eivät ole

not to have/ minulla ei-structure:
minulla ei ole
sinulla ei ole
hänellä ei ole
meillä ei ole
teillä ei ole
heillä ei ole

After the meetings I am always very satisfied with the Finnish language repetition because I can use things I learned in my basic course in university in the everyday life and to talk to Paula is a unique possibility to learn all the cool, trendy words in Finnish and to explore the language together. It also shows me new things in my own language which you would never mind as a native speaker.

OOOhh next time is already the last meeting!


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