9th lesson German movie

23th of April

Last meeting we watched a dutch movie, so this time we were going to watch a german one. Jonas choose Tatort, a crime serie, that has every week a new episode in a other place and city in Germany. It started somewhere in 1970 so it is a quiet old serie. And I guess it is super good other way is was never still on the television.  We have a similar serie but in ours it is one man a through the country. And in Tatort there are a lot different cities with there  is one policeman from that citie. But I guess that has something to do with the different sizes of our countries.

We watched a episode that took place in munchen. Because Jonas lives there now, in Munchen was last summer the 25th years of Tatort in that city.  I did not understand every word but quiet a lot. There was a guy murdered by poison in his beer on octoberfest. It was a normal crime serie were te police men had to find out who and why murdered this guy.

Word list:

investigator = Ermittler =  onderzoeker

crime scene = Tatort = plaats van het misdrijf

delinquent = Täter = overtreder

murderer = Mörder = moordenaar

police = Polizei = politie

poison = Gift = gif


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