9th meeting Luiza&Emilia

In this meeting, we talked about Emilia’s thesis. It is about Tantric Life Coach, quite interesting and a new topic for me. I’ve never heard about laughter yoga before and vocabulary-wise, this was all quite difficult and hard for me to remember. Emilia tried to explain to me some Finnish words but this time it was just too much, a topic I was not familiar with at all so it made things a bit harder than usual. 

The Tantric Life Coach, as I was able to understand, is about being present and allowing things to happen in your life. People are often too dramatic and super hard on themselves. I try not to be like that with myself and since I moved to Finland, the kind of life I have here taught me to calm down and take things smoothly. 

It is not easy to face our emotions and it must be really good to help people when it comes to that, giving people relief and helping them to acknowledge their feelings. This work is super interesting and thoughtful I believe. Emilia had 7 customers and they will fill a document about her services so she can use this data in her thesis. I am excited to see what they will talk about, of course, she will have to translate it for me 🙂 She taught me a bit of vocabulary related to her thesis:

Läsnäolo – Presence – Presença

Valmennus – Coaching – Coaching

Keho – Body – Corpo 

Tarve – Need – Necessidade

Tulla kuulluksi ja nähdyksi – To be heard and seen – Ser ouvida e vista

Hyväksyä – Accept / approve – Aceitar/aprovar 

Sallia – Allow – Permitir

Trauma – Trauma – Trauma


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