A hangout ice skating

The next meeting was on Wednesday, February 9 at 6:00 p.m. We agreed to go ice skating as we had discussed the day before. The three of us and Theresa’s friends stayed.

This meeting helped us to get to know the sports field as well as the traditions in our countries. I told them that this was my second time skating on ice and that’s why I was a little nervous, because in Spain, due to the weather, we don’t usually have ice rinks for skating, however, soccer and basketball courts are usually common.

On the contrary, they told me that in their countries it is usually more common, although it is usually in closed places and not outdoors, and that is why they had more experience than me.

I also learned some vocabulary words related to the field such as ice, skates and rink: Eis, Rollschuhe and Eisbahn. And I taught them the same in Spanish.

This meeting, although it was very fun, it is true that I had hoped to learn a little more about the German language.


Paula Pacho Olmo


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