A lot of pizza! (Switzerland-Spain-Mexico)

In this meeting we went to Bianco Pizzeria on Tuesday to take our dinners. For us the Mexicans guys was little early to eat a whole pizza because we used to take our dinner after 9pm and the meeting was around 7pm. Sam and Jon were the more hungry guys and they ate very fast their pizzas. After the dinner we started to talk about religion. I thought that Switzerland was not a very religious country. Sam told us that is true but the old people are still so Catholics. This happens as well both Mexico and Spain. The younger generations are not so religious in our countries but maybe Mexico has still more young religious persons than Spain and Switzerland. I told them in Mexico the Catholicism is still present in most of the mentality Mexicans.

After, we decided to talk about what kind of government we have in our countries. Mexico and Spain have more or less the same kind of government. But Switzerland has a particular government system. They have 7 persons at the same time in the power, I think this kind of government is unique in the whole world.

The restaurant started to close so we decided to go back to our homes. But before we took the meeting photo what we were freezing


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