About our jobs. Tenth meeting

For this time Aino was preparing a blog about her profession, including obviously a lot of specific vocabulary related to the nurse profession. Though I’m still struggling with the basics, we decided to give it a go, and push ourselves a little more. We discussed about being a nurse or a music producer, and here is the result. You never know when you could need some technical finnish!:

Here are some of the concepts:
Nurse – Enfermera –  Hoitaja
Hospital – Hospital – Sairaala
Needle – Aguja – Neula
Medicine – Medicina – Lääke
Exchange student – Estudiante de intercambio – Vaihto-oppilas
Practice – Práctica – Harjoittelu
To study abroad – Estudiar en el extranjero – Käydä koulua ulkomailla
Heart – Corazón- Sydän
Liver – Hígado – Maksa
Lungs – Pulmones – Keuhkot
Fever – Fiebre – Kuume
Sick – Enfermo – Sairas / Kipeä
Bacteria – Bacteria – Bakteeri
Virus – Virus – Viirus
Definitely, still a lot to study 🙂


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