All Comics are from Belgium!!

Our second meeting was on Wednesday afternoon on the 27th of April at the TAMK library. We have planned to talk about culture and sport with a focus on Belgium. Robbe started to tell me things about sport in Belgium. Completely new for me was the sport called “Cyclo-cross”. The participants of such a race have a bicycle for road races, but the race takes place on laps with wooded trails, grass and other obstacles! For me it was first unbelievable that people fight a race with such thin tires on these grounds. I would definitely prefer a mountain bike. The obstacles are sometimes so big, that the participants have to dismount, run or jump over the obstacle and then remount and continue the race under these harsh conditions. Robbe also told me that mud is also a common ground for these races! For me it is still hard to imagine such a race – I definitely have to watch one on TV.

Another beloved sport of the Belgians is football. The most interesting thing for me there is the relationship from Belgium to the Netherlands. Robbe told me that the two countries hate each other when they have a game together or any other competition. But when one country is not in the contest anymore, they support the one who still remains. So the relationship is kind of love and hate.

The most important realization of this evening was for me the fact that almost all of the comics I have been reading ever in my whole lifetime are from Belgium. I really like reading comics and thus I know quite many of them, but I was never really aware of their origin. We have been talking very long again this evening about different comics and where they come from as well as culture related to comics in Belgium. There are many events about comics that you can join and meet the authors like real festivals. Even Comics like Asterix which officially have their origin in France have many relations with Belgium, thus you can say that they are also from Belgium.

This meeting ended also long after the mandatory duration of one hour and was very interesting for me.



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