Almost over! :(

We met this time at TAMK to go through all the things we had learned! While going through our notes we realized how many new words we had learned:

Ways of greeting, numbers, food names, colours, how to name days and so much more! We also realized how much time we spend together and talked about our experiences!

This time I learned how to call different persons:

English Chinese
Family 家庭
Father 爸爸
Mother 妈妈
Son 儿子
Daughter 女儿
Brother 兄弟
Sister 姐妹
Grandfather 爷爷(外公)
Grandmother 奶奶(外婆)
Aunt 阿姨
Uncle 叔叔
Teacher 老师
Classmate 同学
Friend 朋友
Doctor 医生
Police 警察
Driver 司机

But also how to call the weekdays in Chinese :

Monday 周一
Tuesday 周二
Wednesday 周三
Thursday 周四
Friday 周五
Saturday 周六
Sunday 周天


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