Black Friday Shopping

This Friday we decided it was a good idea to go shopping since it was Black Friday. We went to Ratina and looked around some shops to see if there was any good offer or discount. We ended up going to the clothing shops to see if there were any good snow pants because some of us are going to Lapland soon. We soon discovered that they are pretty expensive so we didn’t get any. We also went to H&M because I needed some gloves and a beanie since it’s getting colder. We all tried some silly hats on as you can see in the picture. It was so much fun.

Black Friday Shopping

During this shoping day we thought that we could do a list of vocabulary about clothes. I believe that these lists of vocabulary are a good way to learn and help us a lot when it comes to know a new languaje. This is what we learned:

Shirt – paita – camiseta
Trousers – housut – pantalones
Jeans – farkut – tejanos/vaqueros
Jacket – takki – chaqueta
Dress – mekko – vestido
Skirt – hame – falda
Shoes – kengät – zapatos
Woolen socks – villasukat – calcetines de lana
Socks – sukat – calcetines
Villapaita – woolen shirt – camiseta de lana
Scarf – huivi – bufanda
Gloves – hanskat – guantes
Beanie – pipo – gorro
Hat – hattu – sombrero


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