Coffee and videogames (switzerland-mexico-spain)

The fourth meeting was at Sam’s department since the day was pretty cloudy and cold wich was nice to go to his aparment to play videogames for a little bit and drink coffee. For this reunion I decided to take my mexican sausace called “Valentina” to put it on the chips. For Sam it wasn’r that spicy, but for Jon it really was. Later, Sam decided to show us an asian sausace wich ended up being a lot spicier even for us as mexicans. We also played for a little while Fifa and I was the worst player. Sam was invict, he’s pretty good at it.

Later on, we started to study the names of some fruits, vegetables, and Basic foods. This time we learned to tell them in three different ways since some of them were completly different in Spain than México. To help us a little bit, we used emojis and whatsapp as a didactic tool.

That was our last reunion until going back from our holidays.


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